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Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet: Video

The Carpet

Great when working, long walk when not...

Conveyor belt for moving skiers up beginner slopes while remaining on the ground. The user walks on at bottom and walks off at the top, sliding down a small incline away from the lift. Guide can ride without skies to assist new skier and it is best used without poles as they tend to shut the lift off (see video).

Key points:


  • observe how users get on lift before attempting,if possible see how they dismount (walking required),

  • when trying, skis fwd, hands on knees, take small steps until carpet pulls you on, keep skis in center,

  • stand up and relax until ready to dismount.


At top

  • confirm skis pointed straight forward,

  • assume postion (riding a granny bike),

  • once carpet is no longer moving you, take small steps until you start to slide,

  • try to avoid adding yourself to any pile-ups,

  • move away from the lift area and prepare for the downward slide so you can do it all over again.

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