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Introduction: Welcome


Capt Bob, Experienced Ski Instructor

Motto: "Don't have too much fun!"

This is Captain Bob's skiers portal for beginner Skiers. He has been a ski instructor around the Ottawa area since 2007. In that time, the Capt has taught students from two to sixty-two years old, in both: Single Private Lessons and Multiday Day Group Programs, with most of these students never having skied before.

While teaching, the Capt has seen many interesting first attempts at all things skiing and he hopes with this website to help the new skier achieve the successes observed and where possible avoid the failures that have been endured.


You have already made the decision about wanting to learn about skiing, so please, take your time to review this site, it should help you navigate the basic processes of getting you out to the hills and onto skis for what will be the first of many more times.

See you on the hill,

Captain Bob


Things you really need to do !


Once you have decided to go skiing the next consideration will be the weather forecast for the date, if it is correct then great, if not it will give you something to complain about on the chairlift.


The weather will affect your decisions about where you are going, the gear to bring (wet vs. cold), what the drive will be like and the timings for the day (drive-time, breaks, and how long you last).


Remember to check the forecast for the entire day not just how much snow they got last night.


This is a key point of consideration for enjoying your day at the hill and becomes more important the larger the group (solo vs going with a family of four).


Go to the resources page for the Capt's kit layout and checklist process. Visualization cannot be overstressed, just ask the guy that gets to the ski hill by himself with his wife's boots or no ski pants (yes...both personal experiences) . 


It does not matter if you packed it all last weekend, take it all out, inspect the gear and then repack, there is almost always something that you missed.


Once you have decided on the where and the when, you need to consider the what.


It is highly recommended that you check directly with the hill about hours of operations, book any lessons, pre-purchase lift tickets if possible and ask any questions about rentals before you go.


We would hate to see you go to the hill to only find out that the lift tickets are sold out or there are no lessons avail due to demand.


Feeding you or the crew is going to be something that can be done by bringing your food stuffs to the hill, buying the meal at the hill or a hybrid of the two.


Most hills like it if you purchase your food there, some may have specific areas avail for those who have brought their own. You may be surprised on how much the cost of a hotdog, fries and drink varies amongst the hills especially when comparing it to what you could have brought.


Bringing your own drinks (non-alcoholic) is one of the easiest places to start, add some snacks and then figure out what you want to do for the main meal.


We are recommending that you go with someone else, preferably with more experience than you. If not only to help with getting you into your gear & onto the slopes but also someone that you can commiserate about the days adventures.


It is also helpful for morale support to keep you going through the inevitable phases of frustration you may encounter while in this new environment.


We will also suggest booking a lesson vs getting the proverbial buddy lesson if you value your friendship(s)

(2 drive or not 2 drive)

You will need to figure out how you are going to get to the hill, be it: via public transit, your own ride or by bumming a ride with your buddies.

Please consider the following if driving:

  • how far is away is the hill (ie. drive home),

  • how does the weather look (both ways),

  • where does all the gear go,

  • does the vehicle have winter tires,

  • are wipers, washer fluid & scraper ready,

  • are there enough warm blankets avail,

  • is heater/defrost working (been,

  • is driver someone you trust (includes you).


This is an item that you really need to confirm with the hill of your choice, COVID restriction in the area of the hill may affect hours of operations, lessons and/or rental availability, 

You should confirm this prior to your departure to the hill, directly with the hill or their website.


We are looking forward to the day we can remove this from our pages, stay safe.


(not at His Magesty's Pleasure)

This is usually the most fustrating of the arrangements, trying to get the required beds for heads ratio correct while optimizing for value.


Try where possible to get the deal that includes breakfast and lift tickets for the hill outside your window.


Sometimes calling the hill will get you a better deal than can be found by cobbling together a package on the web. Avoid spending $100 of your time and labour trying to save $50. 


(Saved Best until Last)

There are always some to be had, be they big or small.


Ensure you review our discounts page that will give the baisics for achieving bragging rights about how little you paid. Your buddies might just invite you along the next time.


Remember if you can cut the price in half, you can afford to go skiing three times as much (skiers logic). 


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